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What is Tantra Massage?

antra Massage is a unique form of bodywork that is fundamentally based on the activation, manipulation, and redirection of energy within your being.

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Practically this means...

  • Innate energy sources are activated and aroused inside your being

  • Key energy channels and centers are cleansed and purified to allow energy to flow freely and powerfully throughout your entire being

  • Energy is redirected in a specific way to produce healing and even orgasmic effects

As one of the many branches of Tantra, Tantra Massage serves as a path for spiritual evolution and personal development and is a gateway and stepping-stone to the higher tantric teachings. 


Tantra Massage can remodel your entire being, from the inside out, and ignite a profound spiritual awakening that leads to unexpected life transformations.

The beginning steps...

Tantra Massage begins as a hands-on approach, whereby sophisticated massage techniques stemming from the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Tantra are applied to the physical body. 


By incorporating energy into the massage practice, the body goes through a purification process on the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental levels. Anything that does not belong or is not part of your true, divine nature, is gently and effectively removed step-by-step. This can include dis-ease, sexual dysfunctions, impurities, blockages, traumas, and psychosomatic imprints. 

In the later stages, once your energy channels are cleaned and cleared and energy is flowing more fluidically and dynamically throughout your body, Tantra Massage can move to a hands-off approach. This is where the real magic happens and the full body energy orgasm can be ignited. 


In the hands-off approach, the techniques are done at the level of the more subtle energy bodies only and physical touch is no longer needed or necessary. It is important to note, that this more advanced version of Tantra Massage can take some time and practice to achieve. 


Below is a video demonstration by my teacher, Somananda, showing just how far the Tantra Massage practice can go. 

An all-encompassing, whole-body experience

One of the things that make Tantra Massage so incredibly unique is that it embraces the fact that every part of your body is vital and sacred, including and especially those deemed taboo by societal norms.


This holistic approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of the mind, body, emotions, heart, and soul and treats the human being as an integrated and interdependent whole. If there is pain, conflict, suffering, tension, and/or emotional angst in one part of the body, the whole body is affected. Your body is a whole complex system made up of individual parts. If one of those parts is not working optimally or is in a state of dysfunction, it will impact the whole system. 


In saying that, Tantra Massage, as a whole-body approach from head to toe, includes genital massage. This is done with an attitude and approach of deep respect and devotion. 


In Tantra, the yoni (the Sanskrit word for vagina) and the lingam (the Sanskrit word for penis), are powerful organs of energy. They are a powerhouse because they contain your sexual energy and are the equivalent of having a built-in nuclear reactor inside your being.


The only problem is that for most people the sexual energy is usually locked and restricted to the area of the genitals only. However, when that potent force is dispersed throughout the entire being the extraordinary energetic effects that Tantra Massage is famed for can be unleashed.  

In addition to being a powerhouse, the yoni and lingam are also storehouses for stress, unresolved emotions, fear, anxiety, traumas, heartache, grief, painful memories, psychosomatic issues, etc. If left unattended, these things tend to accumulate and create a variety of blockages that can affect your whole life including your relationships, sexuality, and mental and physical health. 

This is why Tantra Massage is a great gift to modern people - it doesn't ignore or reject the most sacred part of your body. The yoni and lingam are cherished and worshipped in Tantra because they represent divinity at their core and are ultimately responsible for all creation. The tantrics understood the genitals to be a great source of energy and power that could be harnessed and redirected to elevate their consciousness.  

Whenever genital massage is mentioned it is common to assume or imagine that this is done in a sexually explicit way or for climax purposes. This is not the case. Yoni and lingam massage are performed therapeutically to remove and heal blockages and to restore you to a state of wholeness. Pleasure can be achieved and is very much welcomed, however, do note sexual continence and maintaining the sexual energy (i.e. no ejaculation) is strictly adhered to in authentic Tantra Massage. 

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Tantra Massage is where our humanness meets divinity, where sexuality and spirituality merge, and where our true nature is revealed. 

How Tantra Massage Can Help You

In modern times we are facing unprecedented circumstances that our ancestors and forefathers never had to endure. Our minds, body, and spirits are overburdened with unhealthy lifestyles, dis-ease, overwhelming emotions, excessive toxicity in the environment, unmanageable amounts of stress, and unattainable societal pressures. We are drowning in a heavy load of obligations and responsibilities and it is difficult to keep our head above water. 

All of this leads to a disconnection from our true Self and from the preciousness and miracle of life. This can manifest as: 

  • A feeling of heaviness

  • Inability to forgive and let go of the past

  • Doom and gloom outlook

  • Difficulty seeing the good in life or being optimistic

  • Anxiety and depression

  • "Stuck in a rut"

  • Loss of interest in sexuality and intimacy

  • Emotional and sexual blockages

  • Self-judgment and criticism

  • Relationships troubles

  • Feeling like something is missing

  • Dis-ease

  • Sabotaging habits and/or addictive behaviors

Of course, it can show up as so much more, but these are the most common manifestations. 

The good news is Tantra Massage can help. This is not an ordinary massage practice. It is a spiritual form of massage that far surpasses the physical body. It touches you at the level of the soul. Anything that is not aligned with your soul and divine self, can be eradicated and removed through the practice and art of Tantra Massage.


It serves as a catalyst for shedding these heavy burdens, reconnecting to your deeper self, and restoring joy, faith, and the miraculous sense of being alive. 

Think of Tantra Massage as a professional house cleaner. The energy incorporated into the massage acts powerfully and will meticulously remove the dirt and dust from your physical tissues, subtle energy channels, emotions, and mental landscape. You will feel liberated, a renewed sense of freedom, confident, rejuvenated, and spiritually inspired!

Benefits of Tantra Massage

What makes Tantra Massage unique and unparalleled to many other healing modalities out there is the fact that it is backed by a powerful force... ENERGY. They say we are energetic beings having a human experience. Doesn't it make sense to heal energy (that's you!) using energy?

This extraordinary form of bodywork is known for a host of benefits from physical to spiritual. Below are just a few of the main benefits people experience with Tantra Massage...

  • Healing the mind, body, and emotions

  • Purification and cleansing of the physical body

  • Alleviating known and unknown blockages

  • Discovering your full orgasmic potential

  • Deep self-love, reverence, and acceptance

  • Transforms shame

  • Excavates and neutralizes trauma imprints

  • Awakens the spirit and reconnects you to your soul self

  • Overcome intimacy blocks

  • Experience the healing power of the orgasm

  • Revitalize key pleasure centers

Tap into your full potential

Tantra Massage is where our humanity meets divinity, where sexuality and spirituality meet, and where our true nature is revealed. 

Embarking on the path of Tantra Massage offers you an opportunity for profound healing, personal growth, and spiritual connection.


Unlock a world of possibilities by releasing blockages and tapping into your full energetic potential. With Tantra Massage, you can cultivate self-love, wholeness, intimacy, and empowerment while exploring deeper forms of pleasure.


Reclaim all that is yours and become the BEST version of yourself! 

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