Who are these courses for?

Energy Alchemy offers private courses for couples, in a location of their choosing, who prefer a more personalized and customized approach to the Tantra Massage teachings. The teachings and techniques are suitable for any couple looking to develop a deeper connection with their partner and cultivate fulfillment and healing in love and in life.

Is Tantra Massage sexually focused or erotic?

No, this is a modern misconception. When authentic teachings are involved, Tantra Massage is an energetic and healing form of bodywork. It can help release blockages, restore health, purify the body from toxins and impurities, open vital energy channels, as well as provide a doorway to enter the tantric dimensions of your spirituality and sexuality.

Is nudity involved in these course offerings?

For the purposes of massage, the courses and retreats include nudity and personal and intimate touch between partners. This is approached with discretion and a respectful attitude. Nevertheless it is important to evaluate your own level of comfort and readiness.

Am I required to exchange partners in the Small Group Course?

In this course couples can choose to work exclusively together - no one will be forced to change partners. With that said, it is important to note that working with other partners can be beneficial for the purposes of expanding your knowledge and becoming truly skillful in the art of touch.

What makes Tantra Massage different from other types of massage?

Tantra Massage incorporates the tantric essence of Shakti, or energy. By skillfully integrating energy into the massage practice the healing potentially increases exponentially and the effects magnify.

What is sacred Yoni and Lingam massage?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word tantrics used to refer to the vagina while Lingam is the corresponding name for the man's penis. It is safe to say the genitals are indeed a part of your body and important ones at that. They should not be neglected as they are energetically very viable and potent organs with many reflexology points and zones. Skillful massage to these points and zones will, with practice, trigger many beneficial and pleasurable energetic and healing effects.

Will I experience energetic effects in these courses?

The teachings within these course offerings provide valuable knowledge pertaining to Tantra and Tantra Massage, as well as life-changing experiences. While the techniques and practices are proven to work and produce energetic, healing and orgasmic effects, this cannot be guaranteed. These experiences are dependent upon many individual factors such as level of purity, overall health and wellbeing, astrological sign and makeup, karma, the presence of blockages and many other considerations. It may be that more practice and time is needed to experience the full effects. These are important facts to consider before registering.

Why must men maintain sexual continence?

When men receive a tantric massage from their partner in the course or retreat setting it is important to remember that, especially during genital massage, there is no ejaculation. By conserving their sexual energy men can experience whole body fulfillment and even become multiorgasmic. There are no exceptions to this rule - Energy Alchemy and its teachers abide by it fully in accordance with the original tantric teachings.

How do I know if I have blockages?

It is safe to say that in these modern times everyone has blockages to some degree or another. Blockages are areas in our energetic structure where energy cannot flow or is stuck. Over time, these blockages can produce outward manifestations in the form of emotions, feelings, disease, sexual dysfunctions, apathy, depression, feeling overwhelmed, mental disturbances and others. Tantra Massage is known for its ability to release these blockages, known or unknown, in a harmonious and effective way.

Is Tantra Massage Tantra?

Tantra Massage is a small branch of a much larger spiritual system, Tantra, and is not referenced in the original tantric texts. Many of the teachings from Tantra are not easily grasped or assimilated by modern people and Tantra Massage serves as a bridge. By purifying the physical body, opening vital energy channels, improving the mind and other beneficial outcomes which Tantra Massage can bring, a person is better equipped to receive and integrate the higher teachings.

Are sessions for individuals available?

Sessions are available to individuals as a part of or in addition to the couples courses and retreats for an additional fee. This is offered if an individual within the coupleship feels they need additional support or treatments, for example. Sessions are available to individuals who are not partaking in a course or retreat experience by application and according to availability. Please submit an inquiry through our contact form for further details.

Is sex or sexual activities a part of these courses?

No, there is no sex or explicit sexual acts of any kind allowed within the teaching environment. The teacher(s) of Energy Alchemy uphold integrity and professionalism at all times.