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  • Who are private courses for?
    This exclusive offering is designed for couples who value a more private and customized learning environment with individualized care and attention. Immerse yourself in the sacred teachings of Tantra Massage in the comfort of your own home or a location of your choice. Your private course will meet you where you are currently at in your relationship dynamic and will be tailored-made just for YOU! Course durations can vary depending on how intensive and deep you want to go while the massage practices will be catered to meet your specific needs and goals both individually as well as in the coupleship. By the end of a private course, you will have a personalized massage practice that will help to take your relationship to the next level.
  • Is nudity involved?
    Yes, this course includes nudity in front of the teacher, hands-on demonstrations of the massage techniques on the couple, and intimate personal touch between partners. Sarongs and/or towels are used to cover parts of the body that are not being massaged. Do note, nudity is always approached with discretion and an attitude of devotion and respect. Nevertheless, it is important to keep an open mind and practically evaluate your level of comfort and readiness.
  • What is sacred Yoni and Lingam massage?
    Yoni is the Sanskrit word tantrics use to refer to the vagina while Lingam is the corresponding name for the man's penis. It is safe to say the genitals are indeed a part of your body and they should not be neglected or ignored according to Tantra. The genitals for most modern people are actually storehouses for stress, unresolved emotions, trauma, and blockages. Such things can make you feel heavy emotionally and mentally, inhibit you from living your best life, cause health issues and dis-ease, and suppress your sexuality and full orgasmic potential. Luckily Tantra Massage can help through the sacred practice of Yoni and Lingam massage. This is done in a therapeutic way and with the intention to bring healing to the area, increase sensitivity (especially in the case of women), activate key reflexology points and zones, and re-educate the energy to move the way nature intended it (upwards instead of outwards). Yoni and Lingam massage are done in such a way that the sexual energy is conserved and maintained. Techniques are employed to help men minimize erections and avoid ejaculation so that maximum pleasure can be achieved with no loss of the sacred fluids.
  • Will I experience energetic effects and the full-body energy orgasm in the private course?
    These teachings provide valuable knowledge as well as life-changing experiences. While the techniques and practices are proven to work and produce energetic, healing, and orgasmic effects, this cannot be guaranteed. Experiencing such effects very much depend upon many individual factors such as level of purity, overall health, blockages, and other considerations. It may be that more time and practice are needed to achieve the desired results. Please consider this before booking a private course.
  • Why must men maintain sexual continence?
    When men receive a tantric massage from their partner or the teacher in a private course setting, it is important to understand that there is no ejaculation or loss of sexual fluids. There are techniques that are applied to ensure compliance. Tantra deems the sexual fluids as precious life force energy that should be conserved and never lost. This is known as brahmacharya. By conserving their sexual energy, men can learn to access high states of pleasure, non-ejaculatory orgasms, and full-body fulfillment they never dreamed possible. They can even learn how to become multi-orgasmic and powerful lovers through this inner cultivation of their sexual energy.
  • How do I know if I have blockages?
    It is safe to say that in these modern times, everyone has blockages to some degree or another. They can originate from various sources such as childhood memories or traumas, one’s upbringing, injuries, surgeries, ignored and stored emotions, stress, health problems, physical or sexual abuse, long-term unhappy relationships, childbirth, disease, toxins and impurities, karma, and past lives, just to name a few. Blockages are areas in our energetic structure where energy cannot flow or is stuck. Over time, these blockages can produce outward manifestations in the form of emotional overwhelm, anxiety, depression, dis-ease, sexual dysfunctions, apathy, mental disturbances, and many others. Tantra Massage is known for its ability to release these blockages, known or unknown, in a harmonious and effective way.
  • Is sex or sexual activities a part of the private course?
    No, there is no sex or explicit sexual acts of any kind allowed within the teaching environment. Tiffany upholds the highest integrity and professionalism at all times.
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