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Small Group

A more cost effective option for couples who wish to share the retreat experience with other couples in a small group format. 


It is not uncommon for results and effects to be accelerated and more powerful by nature when group dynamics are involved. Couples have the option to work solely with their own partner or to exchange partners for the purposes of learning and development. Experiencing the energy of another person, in both the giving and receiving roles, provides invaluable insight and wisdom when becoming skillful in the art of touch. With that said no one will be forced to change partners. 


It is essential that each person in the Small Group Course is open-minded and prepared to participate with a mature and genuine attitude of respect.

Perks & Benefits
  • Exclusive teachings in a small group setting with a certified Tantra Massage therapist and teacher

  • The option of exchanging partners for growth and development

  • Minimum 22 hours of instruction over the course of 2.5 days

  • Practical, theoretical and experiential knowledge

  • Personalized and customized structure of course teachings based on the needs of the couples

  • Flexibility within the teaching schedule to accommodate for questions or deeper discovery of certain topics and techniques

Inquire now and schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to answer all of your questions

What You Will Learn
  • What is Tantra and Tantra Massage?

  • Taking the first steps in the spiritual art of touch with your partner

  • The human energy structure and its role in Tantra Massage

  • Learning to activate, move and control the sexual energy using touch and concentration of the mind

  • Demonstration and practice of tantric yoni and lingam massage

  • How to recognize and manage blockages and purification effects harmoniously

  • Important energy points and massage techniques to increase the energy flow

  • And much more...

In this course you will explore the mysteries of energy and bliss - a powerful duo in Tantric studies. Dive into a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and your partner, while igniting the healing and alchemical nature of the sexual energy. Together you and your partner will discover both the lover and healer that are innate within you, whereby you can simultaneously surrender to orgasmic states while inducing extraordinary pleasure in another. Alleviate blockages, known and unknown, and learn how to relate with your partner in a more meaningful way. The spiritual art of touch can teach you how to bring spirituality to your sexuality and transform your relationship with your beloved.


Below is a general schedule of the course which may vary according to the needs and demands of the participants. More intense sessions will be followed by more relaxed sessions and the days will be supplemented with breaks to allow for integration and rejuvenation.


Day 1 & 2 (Full Teaching Days)

9am-1pm Morning session inclusive of teachings and massage practice

1pm-3pm Lunch break

3pm-7:30pm Afternoon session

7:30pm-8pm Q&A and harmonious conclusion of the day


Day 3 (Half Day)

9am-12pm Final Massage practice

12pm-1pm Q&A and final sharing

Course Fee

$1,499 USD per couple


Course fee includes: 2.5 days of small group instruction, course materials and teachings, two 30-minute phone consultations (an introductory call and a follow-up call within 2 weeks of course completion).


Course fee does not include: travel expenses of the teacher (airfare and accommodations), an appropriate venue for the course, and massage supplies (massage oil and supplies for the massage space, such as yoga mats and blankets)


To ensure the most harmonious experience between the couples and teacher an application is required for each individual that will be participating in this course. After careful consideration and evaluation of the information provided, an answer will be given. In some cases it may be determined that the teacher may not be well suited to fulfill the needs and desires of the couples. This is by no means negative in any way or a reflection of personal character, but simply taking into account group dynamics and energy exchange.

Important Note

The teachings within this course provide valuable knowledge pertaining to Tantra and Tantra Massage, as well as life-changing experiences. While the techniques and practices are proven to work and produce energetic, healing and orgasmic effects, this cannot be guaranteed. These experiences are dependent upon many individual factors such as level of purity, overall health and well-being, astrological sign and makeup, karma, the presence of blockages and other considerations. It may be that more practice and time is needed to achieve the results desired. 


Also, this course includes nudity in front of the teacher and intimate personal touch between partners. It is important to keep an open mind and practically evaluate your level of readiness.


Please take these important factors into considerations before registering.

Terms & Conditions


50% due at time of booking and confirmation of dates. Remaining balance, including travel expenses and supplies, are due 7 days prior to the start date.


Cancellations & Refunds:

The deposit is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.


A couple can request a date change one time and the deposit will be transferred to the new agreed upon dates. This date change must be communicated no later than 30 days prior to the original starting date of the course. New dates must be scheduled for within 6 months from the original starting date of the course. 


If there is an emergency situation or unforeseen circumstances do arise within 30 days of the start date of the course, deposits and fees paid will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration whether flights and travel arrangements have been made.


Explicit Sex:

Under no conditions or circumstances will there be explicit sex, sexual activity or sexual demonstrations in this course. The highest standards are upheld and the teacher will maintain professionalism at all times.

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