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8 Ways Tantra Massage Can Help Couples

Tantra Massage is a wondrous and inspiring practice that couples can utilize as a tool in their relationship to establish and maintain a deeper connection. This tool does not have an expiry date or shelf life - it is boundless and endless in nature because it abides by the laws of energy. It can be a great cornerstone to healthy and authentic relating as well as a stepping stone to the higher tantric teachings and spiritual evolution, for those that seek it.

Tantra Massage

Here are 8 ways Tantra Massage can help couples:

1. Far reaching: Tantra Massage is beyond a superficial form of bodywork which is focused physically. It is rooted in the foundations and essence of energy and has the capacity to touch a human being at imperceivable levels, therefore positively altering them physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

The reason conventional means of relationship therapy provides only a temporary fix, often times, is because it does not get to the core of the issue. It tends to skim the surface of very deep layers of individual and couple dynamics. This is why couples can find themselves repeatedly having the same conversations about similar issues, despite intervention. It’s comparable to cutting a tree down without unearthing the roots. Tantra Massage however helps individuals get to the root of the issue and heal themselves and their relationships from the inside out, or the ground up in this analogy.

2. Springboard: Tantra Massage can assist couples in reaching the next stage of their

relationship. Many couples find themselves “stuck”, unable to move past a certain pattern or paradigm of relating. Through this energetic practice, there is a releasing of old energies and blockages that previously prevented forward moving progress, allowing for a space and a place for something new and beautiful to emerge.

3. Transformation: When Tantra Massage is practiced properly between couples its effects are twofold. Firstly it transforms the individual. If healing and energy are the cornerstones of this practice, a person - man or woman - experiences a cleansing of energetic channels, a purification of the physical body, an alleviation of blockages, a renewed vitality, a spiritual awakening often times, and a soul opening bliss. Because the individual is transformed the coupleship will naturally evolve as well. Deeper intimacy will be established, orgasmic potential will expand and true unconditional love can develop. This is the secondary effect.

4. Pleasure: There is a lot to be gained through shared and unified pleasure, which Tantra Massage can inspire. Individuals will quickly realize the healer and lover that is inherently present and how they can use these aspects of themselves to bond with their partner in unimaginable ways. The true sexual potential is revealed and the mystical eroticism that genuine Tantra is known for is tapped into, bringing the couple to higher spiritual dimensions within their sexuality.

5. Letting go: Unresolved hurts and old wounds can be detrimental to a relationship, and one of the fundamental reasons couples are surviving and not thriving today. Tantra Massage can create an opening for deep healing within an individual and activate the heart chakra, prompting a bigger and broader overall perspective. It maturates the ability for self-reflection and introspection, where organic forgiveness dwells. Quickly, bygones are allowed to be bygones, the past can rest in its rightful place and couples are free to move forward in an unencumbered way.

6. Relief: Tantra Massage can serve as a remarkable bridge between a couple, reconciling the struggles and contrasts of modern life. Our lives are very fragmented between managing our familial obligations, work, personal health, social time, household commitments and financial responsibilities - which leaves little energy or time for nourishing and nurturing our primary relationship. By practicing Tantra Massage regularly between partners, the partnership becomes a refuge that provides relief from everyday life, and not another task on the task list or source of stress. The relationship will be intact, leaving individuals better equipped to manage everyday demands and obligations.

7. Fulfillment: Tantra Massage can help foster all of the necessary components and qualities that define a healthy, functional partnership by opening communication channels, cultivating deeper intimacy, teaching couples how to relate at the level of the heart and alleviating blockages, tangible and intangible. It is a gateway towards spiritual and bodily fulfillment and establishing an enduring bond between couples.

8. A Bridge: Tantra Massage serves a great purpose for modern people and is known for its miraculous effects. However, it is a single strand of a very vast and immense web. It was designed by modern tantrics as a bridge (not a path) and a practice that propels people to aspire for higher spiritual quests and gains. Tantra Massage is a great start, but Tantra, as a complete and comprehensive spiritual system, can take you beyond even the epic wonders of this mystical practice. Aim higher, fly higher!

If you seek deep and satisfying change within yourself and your relationship, as well as freedom from the clutches of stereotypical and outdated ideals surrounding intimate relating, Tantra Massage can take you there. Dare to embark on a journey of a lifetime?


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