Sat, Oct 12 | Soul Ascension Spiritual Center

Taste of Tantra Massage, Kansas City

This 2 day workshop explores the magical duo of energy and bliss - two fundamental forces of Tantra. You will gain a methodical theoretical and practical introduction into the spiritual art of touch while learning practical tools for a deep awakening of your mind, body and soul.
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Taste of Tantra Massage, Kansas City

Time & Location

Oct 12, 2019, 9:00 AM – Oct 13, 2019, 8:00 PM
Soul Ascension Spiritual Center, 12700 W 119th St, Overland Park, KS 66213, USA

About the Event

This 2-day weekend workshop is designed with both singles and couples in mind. Prepare to explore the magical duo of energy and bliss - two fundamental forces in Tantra. Through clear guidance and personal instruction, you will gain a structured introduction into the sacred and spiritual art of touch.   

Tantra Massage is a sensual and healing form of massage which combines the two ancient wisdoms and traditions of the Ayurvedic and Tantra lineages. Here you will learn practical tools for harnessing the energetic healing powers of your own body whilst creating deeper intimacy with your true self. 

The lover in you will discover not only how to surrender to powerful states of bliss, but also how to induce intense energetic effects in your partner through precise techniques. Meanwhile, the healer in you will be inspired by demonstrations of the alchemical nature of energy through touch!  


  • What is Tantra and Tantra Massage?
  • Taking the first steps in the spiritual art of touch as a giver and a receiver
  • Yoni and lingam massage - lectures and demonstration only (no practice!)
  • The human energy centers and its role in Tantra Massage
  • Learning to activate, move and control the life force energy of your partner using touch and concentration of the mind
  • How to recognize and manage blockages and purification effects harmoniously
  • Important energy points and massage techniques to increase the energy flow
  • How to generate orgasmic energy throughout the entire body
  • The art of transfiguration
  • And much more... 

If healing and energy are the cornerstones of this practice, a person - man or woman – can experience a cleansing of key energetic channels, a purification of the physical body, an alleviation of blockages, a renewed vitality, an enlivening of the heart, and a soul opening bliss.   


  • Exclusive small group environment 
  • Intensive course structure over two days for maximum results and integration
  • Over 20 hours of instruction 
  • Practical, theoretical and experiential knowledge
  • Supplemental rituals and tantric practices

Discover how to overcome issues of intimacy and vulnerability trapped in the mind, body and soul. Ignite the healing and alchemical nature of your innate energies. The spiritual art of touch can teach you how to bring spirituality to your sexuality and transform and uplift your relationship with your divine self. 

**IMPORTANT NOTE: This course includes some aspects of nudity for the purposes of the massage practice. There is no genital massage (sacred yoni and lingam massage) included in this course, explicit sex or sexual activity of any kind. Please realistically evaluate yourself and your level of readiness to fully participate prior to registration. 


This course will include daily Hatha Yoga practice and tantric meditation practices as supplemental studies to the Tantra Massage learnings and hands-on sessions. These supplemental practices will help you to further activate your innate energies and healing potential for more profound energetic experiences. 

Saturday (12 October 2019) 9:00 – 20:00 with a designated lunch break 

Sunday (13 October 2019) 9:00 – 20:00 with a designated lunch break


Soul Ascension Spiritual Center

12700 West 119th Street 

Overland Park, KS 66213  


For singles

Early bird fee: $249, available until 13 September

Regular fee: $299, starting from 14 September

For couples

Early bird fee: $450, available until 13 September

Regular fee: $550, starting from 14 September


To ensure the most harmonious group experience an application is required for each individual that will be participating in the course. To apply submit full payment. Once received an application will be emailed to you. You will need to fill this out in its entirety and send it back to our head teacher for review. Detailed instructions will be provided in the email. If you are applying as a couple, both parties need to fill out their own individual application.  

After careful consideration and evaluation of the information provided, an answer will be given within 3-5 business days. In the case of non-acceptance, a full refund of your course fee will be refunded.   


The teachings within this course provide valuable knowledge pertaining to Tantra and Tantra Massage, as well as life-changing experiences. While the techniques and practices are proven to work and produce energetic, healing and even orgasmic effects in some cases, this cannot be guaranteed. These experiences are dependent upon many individual factors such as level of purity, overall health and wellbeing, astrological sign and makeup, karma, the presence of blockages and other considerations. It may be that more practice and time is needed to achieve the results desired.   

Also, this course includes elements of nudity in a sacred and small group environment. It is important to keep an open mind and practically evaluate your level of readiness.

Please take these important factors into considerations before registering, as no refunds are given in the case of cancellation.


This course is for curious seekers who wish to understand authentic Tantra Massage and take the first steps in gaining the confidence in the spiritual art of touch. If you are keen to study energy, both at the individual and the universal level, this course will provide you with a fundamental basis. Each person that joins this course will have their own unique experience and individual journey. 

This introductory course is meant to provide you with a taste of true Tantra Massage. It does not qualify you to work as a therapist, regardless of other previous training or experience. If you wish to become a certified therapist, then more intensive training and studies are needed.



Course fee

-Course fee is due in full at the time of application. 

Cancellations & refunds

-In the case of non-acceptance, a full refund of the paid course fee will be provided. 

-In the case of cancellation by the participant(s), post acceptance into the course, the course fee is non-refundable

-In the case of cancellation by the organizer a full refund of all course fees will be provided within 7 days. 

Travel arrangements

It is recommended to NOT make travel arrangements of any kind until the course is confirmed and you have received a confirmation email that you have been added to the final course group (see "Gender balance" below). If you do make travel arrangements prior to these confirmations Energy Alchemy is not responsible for any financial loss that may result.

Gender balance

For the purposes of the massage practice, this course is a gender balanced course. This means an equal number of men and women is required for a harmonious group experience. Therefore, although you may have been accepted into the course, you may be put on a waiting list until someone from the opposite gender signs up and is also accepted. In some cases, you may not be added to the final course group until a week or later before the course start date. Please keep this in mind. 

Explicit sex

-Under no conditions or circumstances will there be explicit sex, sexual activity or sexual demonstrations in this course. The highest standards are upheld, and the teacher will maintain professionalism at all times.


1. Is this course only for couples?

This course is open to singles and couples. An effort will be made to accept an equal number of men and women. Single participants should be aware that they will be paired up with different partners of the opposite gender for the practical massage sessions, as this fosters a deeper learning experience and allows individuals to explore new energies and sensations. If you are joining as a couple you can choose to work strictly with your partner during the workshop.

2. Will I be paired up with people of the same gender?

Individuals will be paired with someone from the opposite gender for the massage practice sessions.

3. Does this course involve nudity?

In its early stages Tantra Massage is a hands-on massage practice which utilizes oil. Therefore, this workshop does include partial nudity for the purposes of massage. This is approached with maturity, consideration and respect. It is important that you realistically evaluate yourself and your level of readiness before applying to join.

The practice of genital massage is not a part of this short course. Participants will receive lectures pertaining to the practice and purpose of yoni and lingam massage and the essential steps will be explained. A demonstration will also be given provided there are student volunteers (one man and one woman) keen to experience the practice.

4. Will massage tables be provided?

The massage practice sessions are done solely from the floor, and massage tables are not provided. We find that this method is most conducive to the proper control of energy and for the execution of the learned massage techniques. Comfortable massage spaces are created using the required supplies that each student is instructed to bring with them to the course. Initially working from the floor can be challenging for modern people. This does ease as the course unravels. Nevertheless, it is important that you realistically assess yourself and your physical state to determine if you are able to fully participate in the course.

Questions? Email or call 480.310.6448. 

  • Single ticket
  • Couples

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