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Tantric Yoni Massage

I'm so glad you're here!

Hello Dear Sister!


I commend you for making it to this page. That is evidence to me that there is a little voice in your head or an intuitive nudge guiding you toward home. 


Because at the end of the day, that is what your yoni (the Sanskrit word for vagina) is for you... It is your home base, your internal compass, your female guidance system. It is the container of your feminine essence and power. 

Your yoni is your most sacred space, and yet, we are taught from a very young age that it is something we women should be ashamed of and embarrassed by. 


Having a relationship and connection to your yoni is probably a foreign concept. Many women spend years, decades, and even whole lifetimes totally disconnected from their yoni which ripples into every aspect of their life.


A disconnect from your yoni inevitably means a disconnect from your femininity, never realizing your full pleasure potential, and a lack of deep intimacy with yourself and/or a partner. 

A healthy connection with your yoni is key to being a happy, wholesome, integral, and joyful woman. It is a path toward personal power, creativity, self-love, and empowerment!

Tantric Yoni Massage is a great gift for modern women. It changed my life completely and I know it can change yours.


Are you ready to receive your sacred initiation into your true power as a woman?

Keep scrolling to learn more...

Your yoni as a storehouse

I often refer to the yoni as a storehouse.


Because of the internal structure and nature of our yoni, we tend to internalize and store all of our stress, unresolved emotions, painful memories, past hurts, and traumas here. As these things accumulate more and more, blockages begin to form. 

Blockages do exactly as they sound... they block the energy in the area. The more blockages you have the more disharmony you will experience in your internal and external worlds. 

SO many issues stem from a stressed-out and unloved yoni!


The good news is there is an amazing remedy and it is called Tantric Yoni Massage. 

Tantric Yoni Massage is part of a greater system called Tantra Massage. Tantra Massage is a whole-body massage from head to toe that can include genital massage - yoni massage for women and lingam massage for men. 

Tantra Massage is not an ordinary massage though. It is a massage that utilizes and incorporates powerful forms of energy and that energy acts as a meticulous house cleaner, removing all the dust and dirt from your mind, body, and spirit. 

The energy used in Tantra Massage unearths and uproots anything that is not your true divine nature so that you can remember who you truly are and begin to reflect the light more and more. 


The goal is not just to massage the physical tissues and release tension in the muscles. The goal is to awaken you energetically.


Once you are awakened energetically and brought to a state of relaxation and receptivity physically, mentally, and emotionally in a Tantra Massage session, a woman can receive yoni massage. 

Through yoni massage, the "storehouse" is cleaned up and cleared out, so to speak, which is done in a harmonious, gentle way step-by-step.


This renowned therapy is a gateway between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life. It is a woman's true liberation!  

Tantric Yoni Massage - Tantra Massage for women
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Tiffany talks about Tantra Massage for women

More about this offering

Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage
  • Healing through the orgasmic potential

  • Neutralizes trauma and removes blockages

  • Self-love and deep appreciation for your yoni

  • Discovering your own unique yoniverse

  • Liberates stuck and stagnant energy

  • Rejuvenates the whole body

  • Increases sexual awareness and pleasure

  • Releasing of shame and guilt

  • Reconnection to your feminine essence and power

  • Becoming the extraordinary woman you were meant to be

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Your Yoniverse

You know, in ancient traditions the yoni was honored and worshipped for its life-giving abilities. In modern culture though we have lost that sense of awe and reverence for this amazing part of our body. 

You don’t just have a yoni… you have a yoniverse!

That's because there is a whole universe contained inside your yoni. There is unlimited power and energy residing there. It is like a built-in nuclear reactor.  

Expansive love, pleasure, magic, and bliss can all be discovered when you tap into your yoni power. 


The inner condition and status of your yoni reflect in your outer world. It can be no other way. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions are all governed and influenced by the state of your yoni, whether you are aware of it or not. 

So, if your yoni is rejected, ignored, blocked, suppressed, or neglected and bogged down with unresolved emotions, hurt, betrayal, anger, bitterness, and/or resentment, your life will mirror this state. 


On the contrary, if your yoni is loved, trusted, cherished, appreciated, adored, nurtured, and open and blossoming, your outer world will reflect this state and your life will be filled with endless love and abundance. 

Isn't that amazing? You can change your whole life just by reconnecting to your yoni

Isn't it time you reconnect to your yoniverse and unleash the Goddess within?

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Session fees


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Sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours. This allows for a tranquil experience and enough time for all that needs to to organically unfold. 

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Intention setting 

Every session begins with setting intentions so that both myself and you have clarity on your needs and desires. These intentions are the guiding pillar of the session itself. 

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Time will be reserved at the end for integration and assimilation prior to re-entry into the real world.

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So often we are told that in order to heal the pain we have to go into the pain. Tantric Yoni Massage offers us a revolutionary paradigm in healing whereby we can heal fully, wholly, and completely through pleasure!

Happy women share their experiences

I had no idea how much I was disconnected from my yoni! I had built up an impenetrable wall of armor over the years and was totally unaware of it. It was no wonder I was depressed all the time and always attracted the wrong kind of men into my life. How were they supposed to honor me and my sacred space if I wasn't even honoring it myself?!
This work is POWERFUL and I am so very lucky that Tiffany was my guide through this whole process of awakening and reclamation. She is truly a gift to all women! DO NOT delay ladies, your yoni awaits you!

~ Sheryl

My session with Tiffany was beyond anything I could have ever really imagined. It blew my heart, my mind, and my yoni wide open! She has the most impeccable and caring bedside manner and works intuitively.
I am happy to say I am more connected now to my yoniverse than ever before. I will never abandon or disconnect from her again. I feel so alive and free and like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I didn't know I could feel so good in my own skin. 


I had some pretty significant trauma buried deep in my yoniverse. I tried every kind of therapy I could think of and nothing could get to the root of the issue... the original seed or imprint of the trauma. 
Tantric Yoni Massage did though. It took a few sessions but step-by-step Tiffany guided me through the process. She was such a pillar of support in the whole process and an expert in trauma healing in my opinion.  
I really thought I was condemned to a life of suffering, pain, and overwhelming emotions but now I'm FREE. Thank you, thank you!


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer sessions to individuals? Tiffany is currently seeing female clients in a private setting for individual sessions.

How is Tantric Yoni Massage beneficial for women? Because the genitals of a woman are internal in nature, women tend to internalize and absorb much of their stress, unresolved emotions, painful memories, and traumas here in their sacred center. When these things accumulate, blockages form and a woman begins to disconnect and disassociate from her heart, her soul, her femininity, her emotions, her pleasure, and her sexuality. Tantric Yoni Massage is a great gift for women in this way. It clears the "dust and dirt" from the yoni and as a result, women feel a great sense of relief, freedom, and liberation. They are reconnected to their feminine essence and power once again, or perhaps for the first time in their life. Additionally, Tantric Yoni Massage can help women discover their full yoniverse, re-sensitize key pleasure centers, and realize their full orgasmic potential.

How much are Tantric Yoni Massage sessions? Sessions are $275 and are anywhere from 2-3 hours in duration.

Where are sessions offered? At the moment Tiffany is seeing clients in Cave Creek, Arizona. However, she has also traveled to clients for a weekend or weeklong intensive for clients living out of state. In this case, travel expenses do apply and a customized package can be discussed.

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