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About Me

Tiffany Tanner

Hi! I'm Tiffany Tanner - owner and head teacher here at Energy Alchemy. 

In 2016 my life changed completely because of Tantra Massage. For years I struggled with the silent and continuous ripples of childhood trauma and a total disconnect from my feminine essence. I explored every conventional therapy available today and even non-conventional, holistically-based treatments. Nothing got to the root of the issue. 


That all changed after a life-changing Tantra Massage course I participated in in 2016.  For the first time in my life I felt liberated from the clutches of the past and hopeful for a bright future ahead. 

This extraordinary healing prompted me to re-evaluate my life in its entirety and reprioritize everything. I closed my thriving business, abandoned a conventional lifestyle and fully immersed myself onto the tantric spiritual path. I knew in my heart and soul that I wanted to bring to others what Tantra Massage brought to me and my life. 

I share these teachings with great honor and humbleness and look forward to sharing with you the authentic teachings of Tantra and Tantra Massage. 

In Partnership and Cooperation…

I consider it a great privilege and blessing to teach international retreats under the guidance and leadership of my beloved school Somananda Tantra School.


Founded by accomplished yogi and advanced Tantra, Yoga and meditation teacher, Somananda, and his esteemed wife, Liisa. This highly respected international school uses a modern approach to transmit ancient and authentic spiritual teachings in a powerful, clear and practical way.

With humbleness and gratitude I would like to acknowledge my guru, Somananda, for being a pillar of support and the inspiration behind my zealous will to discover and uncover the greater mysteries of life and love.

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